First full-length record / Blodtåke Shirt

We (Blodtåke) have been set for recording an EP and have been in the final stages of finishing the songwriting ideas for our upcoming recording session. As we have already been in preproduction mode for the EP, we deciced to release a whole full-length record instead of just an EP. Now that the creative juices keep flowing strongly,we want our first release to come out with a full power and all killer no filler attitude. Except for the demo version of „Absolution Denied“ on the Brutal Metal Records sampler, we kept our official releases to an absolute minimum, so that we wil be able to offer a great sounding, surprising and exciting record.

The showas at Ruhrgewalten – 10 Dimensions and Blodfeast – Masters of the dark arts will be the final showas before the recording begins and a great opportunity for us to test drive the material. We will then have to step back from playing live for some weeks to make time for recording though, so if you haven´t already, you should get your tickets for those 2 shows quckliy. Yet, if you´re booking festivals for late summer this year, don´t hestitate to hit us up and give us a call.

Regarding the direction that our material will take – as you might have heard at One Night in Hell´s last installment – it is „all things and everything black“. We combine black metal with various influences, thinking outside of the box, adding elements of death metal, post black, even funeral doom into the equation. We do not want to limit ourselves, hence we go where the spirit and the music take us, working and reworking the songs again and again towards finding a center, a core of emotions that the CD will reflect.

We hope to see you all at the upcoming shows, please come around, let´s have a couple of drinks together and tell us how you like what you hear.

Thanks for caring!

BTW: Our shirts are available in nearly all sizes, just hit us up with a short message at Blodtåke and we´ll hook you up with all the details.

Blodtåke Shirt