Great News

Today we have great news to share with you:

We took our time to re-evaluate the next steps and we are very happy to announce the following:

Joining our brotherhood of BlodtåkeDaniel „Scriostóir“ Sdy will from now on be the man behind the BT drum kit.

An excellently skilled drummer, well seasoned musician and awesome character, Daniel is best known for his work with Convictive, his drumming channel and his endorsement with polish custom drum pedal producer Czarcie Kopyto. Daniel was the first and only person we´ve asked to join us: His pure talent and musicianship is only matched by the depth of our friendship, that we have built over years. Like „Gråven„, „Scriostóir“ will take on double duties, bringing his skills into both Blodtåke and Convictive alike.

We´re currently going through the existing material, getting in the groove and letting „Scriostóir“ leave his own footprint within the songs. Furthermore, we have already worked on some new tunes for the upcoming album.

Thank you all for sticking with us, through the good and bad times! This news is such a good one! So let´s celebrate this day and join us in welcoming Daniel to the Blodtåke fold!

Daniel „Scriostóir“ Sdy