Our Story

Blodtåke, an effect that can occur when a hunter catches trail of his prey or a murder killing his victim.
It leads to the individuals‘ loss of self-control and accountability, making them fall into a state of uncontrollable lust for bloodshed without a fear of consequences.

Now imagine a band named in honor to that effect, assembled of well experienced musicians from the underground that can completely unfold in their artistic expressions. The five-piece executes their bloodshed in a well-balanced deathened black metal style, combining thriving melodies with harsh riffs, a tight bass fundament and insane drums. The wild hunt is led by shattering vocals covering all territory of brutal metal and lyrics, that dwell in humanity´s most tragic and life defining topics, from religion to loss and far way beyond. And hell, they know well the sensation of blood loss that inhabits the body and soul when feeling loss, being enraged, compassionate, sorrow- and painful and they unload that sanguine flood in all their lyrics, their music and on-stage-performances, bleeding dry for their art.

Blodtåke´s blood shed shall lead the way to the bands´and audiences´ own frenzy of rhythmic, melodic, creative and destructive euphoria of musical rapture.

First official CD release // 15.06.2019 // Album „Nativity of Ashes
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